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Dental Botox and TMD in Oceanside

Dental Botox and TMD in Oceanside

You are probably familiar with the beauty-enhancing benefits of Botox, but did you know it can be used to help treat a number of other medical conditions? Botox can help relieve symptoms of TMJ disorder and the headaches often associated with it. Botox contains botulinum toxins which help relieve the muscle pain associated with TMD.

Botox can be used to relax the muscles around your jaw by temporarily preventing full-strength nerve signals from reaching your muscles, reducing muscle contractions and relieving tension. The use of Botox in dentistry is meant to relieve TMJ pain and help you feel your best!

Feel Better Longer With Botox for TMD

At La Costa Dental Excellence, our dedicated team wants to ensure you receive the dental care that meets your oral health goals and expectations. And knowing the benefits of a treatment helps determine if it is right for you!

We provide Botox for restorative purposes. Bruxism, TMD, and chronic migraines can all be treated with Botox, which assists in preserving your dental health while eliminating the most debilitating discomforts.

This versatile treatment only takes minutes to complete, allowing you to enjoy the benefits for up to six months! So there’s no need to delay, discover what Botox can do for you by contacting us today.

Let Oceanside Dental Excellence Be Your Choice for Dental Botox

If you are considering dental Botox call Oceanside Dental Excellence today! Dr. Dankworth is specially trained in administering dental Botox treatments to help relieve your TMD/TMJ symptoms for months at a time.

If you have persistent pain or if you can’t open or close your jaw completely, call Oceanside Dental Excellence and schedule an appointment. Our dentists can give you a full examination and discuss possible treatment plans to help resolve your TMD pain.

So don’t go another day in pain or dental discomfort. Get the treatment you deserve by reaching our office by phone, email, or by clicking the following link.

Discover the Benefits of Botox and Call Us Today

If you are interested in the relief Botox can bring to TMJ symptoms, we can help. At Oceanside Dental Excellence, we provide comprehensive and compassionate care. So don’t wait! Contact us today by phone, email, or clicking this link.

See What Our Patients Are Saying About Botox

“I could not be more pleased with regard to the advice and assistance I have received from Dr. Dankworth and the office staff. I am completely confident in the treatment plan and have received invaluable assistance in scheduling and coordinating my care with multiple providers.” – Todd
“I appreciate all the wonderful and caring care given to me from the receptionist to the dentist himself. This is a very personal professional group.” – Terry

What Can Botox Treatments Do For Me?

What Can Botox Treatments Do For Me?

TMJ Disorder

If you have pain in your jaw, it could be a problem with your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. The TMJ is the joint that helps your jaw move; TMJ disorders (TMD) encompass all problems related to the TMJs as well as the surrounding muscles or nerves.

TMD often presents with these symptoms:

  • Pain or tenderness in your jaw, face, ears, or neck.
  • Pain or difficulty while chewing.
  • Locking of your jaw.
  • Clicking or popping of your jaw.

Botox can help relieve TMD by relaxing the muscles around the TMJ and relieving tension that stems from that area.

Alleviate Bruxism Symptoms

One of the leading causes of enamel erosion, tension headaches, and jaw pain is Bruxism. Sometimes this condition is referred to as chronic tooth grinding, where we unknowingly grind our teeth together (sometimes even when we are asleep!).

The side effects of Bruxism can have serious consequences on our dental health and overall wellbeing. Thankfully, the majority of these symptoms can be alleviated with Botox, which can help relax targeted muscle groups along the jaw.

With Botox and a nightly mouthguard, your smile will be protected!

What Does The Botox Treatment Process Entail?

The Initial Evaluation

At Oceanside Dental Excellence, we take great care and pride in providing the treatment you need to meet your dental health needs and overall health goals. This means the first step of your Botox treatment is a consultation, where we can discuss your needs and goals and determine if Botox is the right treatment choice for you.

Take this first step by contacting our office today by phone, email, or clicking here.

Site Preparation For Your Treatment

The dedicated team at our office wants to provide the results you want, when you want them and work diligently with your schedule. Once at your appointment, the procedure itself will take less than 20 minutes. Targeted areas will receive a quick injection and while generally painless, we are happy to provide topical numbing agents to ensure the most comfortable procedure possible.

The Injection Phase

Botox is an incredible treatment that can provide amazing aesthetic results for your smile as well as restorative benefits, like easing dental discomfort caused by dentures or headaches from TMJ.

Most patients feel only a slight pinch during this procedure; it’s a quick and comfortable process.


After the injections, it’s safe to return to most regular activities. You may need to avoid lying down for several hours. You should avoid rubbing or massaging your face for 24 hours. Also, avoid heat and sun for several hours to reduce the chances of bruising. A cool ice pack may feel nice on your face.

If there are any additional instructions from your dentist, be sure to follow them as well.


Fast acting and long-lasting results are the goal of all of our procedures, Botox being no different! You may begin to feel improvement within a day or two of treatment with full results occurring several days later. Results typically last 3–4 months, but can vary with individual patients.

If you are feeling continued discomfort, or haven’t seen noticeable results please contact our office.

Botox Can Help Treat TMJ Pain

Your TMJ area can be extremely susceptible to the everyday stressors in life. The tensing of those surrounding muscles can contribute to many of the symptoms associated with TMD. Botox can be an effective way to relax the muscles and reduce tenderness and tension around your TMJ.

Botox is typically used along with other therapies like mouth guards, but it may be enough on its own to help your TMD symptoms. After a Botox treatment, you may also notice other changes:

  • Reduced headaches.
  • Better sleep.
  • Less sensitive teeth.
  • Less clenching or grinding.

Common TMJ Disorder Symptoms

One of the most incredible features of Botox is how it can treat TMJ disorders and their symptoms, and there are a lot of them! Consider scheduling a consultation at our office if you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms below:

  • Pain, discomfort, or tenderness around your jaw.
  • A consistent ache of your inner ear.
  • Difficulty chewing or feeling pain or discomfort while eating.
  • Tension in your jaw or neck.


Mouthguards are worn while you sleep allowing your TMJs to relax. They can relieve TMD pain by:

  • Holding your jaw open to help your jaw and surrounding muscles relax.
  • Stopping you from clenching or grinding your teeth all night.

While you can buy generic mouthguards, these often do not fit properly and will frequently make discomfort and pain worse. It’s best to have a custom mouthguard fabricated by a qualified dentist.

Physical Therapy and At-Home Care

Exercises focusing on strengthening and stretching your TMJ muscles may help to relieve the pain associated with TMD and help restore natural movement and decrease pain in your jaw. It is best to do these exercises with a qualified myofunctional therapist.

Here are some practices for home:

  • Focus on relaxing your face as often as possible.
  • Chew food on both sides of your mouth.
  • Avoid clenching or grinding your teeth.

Botox Treatment For TMJ Disorders

At Oceanside Dental Excellence, we are committed to using the latest and greatest in both dental technology and techniques to help our patients meet their dental health goals. This includes eliminating dental discomfort that can have a negative impact on your quality of life, like TMJ symptoms.

Get rid of TMJ pain and discomfort with Botox, which can relax your muscles and relieve tension for a pain-free day.

Botox Recovery

Thanks to our wonderful team of dedicated dental professionals, recovering from your Botox procedure is both quick and easy. In fact, there is hardly any recovery time at all! You may see a little bruising around the injection sites and experience some mild swelling, but that’s it.

Incredible, isn’t it? With just a few injections and a little recovery time, you can finally say goodbye to TMJ symptoms!

What to Consider Before Your Botox Consultation

Dentists are highly trained in facial anatomy and can be great providers of facial treatments. Their experience with facial muscles is a valuable asset for proper placement of Botox injections. Placed correctly, Botox injections can help relieve jaw pain and headaches.

Our dental team is specially trained and skilled at administering dental Botox. If you are considering Botox for any reason, contact us today.

Botox injections are relatively safe when administered correctly by an experienced professional. Possible side effects include redness, bruising, facial discomfort, muscle weakness, nausea, and headaches.

At Oceanside Dental Excellence we want you to be comfortable and confident with your decision. Our dental team will discuss the process, side effects, and any questions you have before your treatment.

Botox treatments use a thin needle for the injections. Injections are very quick and pain is minimal. Most patients report a small pinch with the injection, but very little overall discomfort. Some patients report feeling a brief stinging sensation with injection. You should feel normal shortly after your procedure, though a cool ice pack may feel nice on the injection sites.

You may notice mild improvement within only one to two days after your treatment with noticeable relief beginning after a week. Botox for TMD/ TMJ pain is not a one-time treatment. Its effects last an average of 3–4 months with some patients reporting relief for notably longer. Multiple treatments may be necessary to control TMD symptoms.

Individual results will vary, however, most Botox treatments last an average of 3-4 months. Some patients report relief lasting longer. Let your dentist know if you are experiencing any different feelings or if the treatment did not relieve your pain. In most cases, you should be satisfied with the results and pain relief from your dental Botox injections.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations when Botox is used for TMJ disorders. Botox is an incredible treatment that can help manage symptoms like dental discomfort when chewing and jaw pain. It can also help treat the cause of milder TMJ disorders.

However, there may be some TMJ disorders that, while benefiting from Botox, won’t treat the source. These TMJ disorders may be best served through other treatment options.

Botox injections are relatively safe when administered by an experienced professional. Most side effects are minor and may include:

  • Redness or bruising around injection sites.
  • Discomfort.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Nausea.
  • Headaches.

We will discuss potential risks and personal concerns you have before your Botox treatment. If you experience any concerning side effects after your treatment please contact our office.

Call Oceanside Dental Excellence To Learn More Today!

At Oceanside Dental Excellence, we want to be the team you trust for dental Botox or any TMD/TMJ treatment you’ve been considering. If you are looking for a dentist you can trust to relieve your TMJ pain contact the dentists at Oceanside Dental Excellence today!

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