Overcoming Dental Anxiety in Oceanside With Gentle Dental Care

Dental Anxiety in Oceanside

Dental anxiety affects many Oceanside people, including some Oceanside Dental Excellence patients. Today’s post answers some questions asked about this critical topic.

What Are the Long-term Consequences of Dental Anxiety in Oceanside?

The most detrimental consequence is when a dental anxiety in Oceanside is that it delays dental care until the pain becomes excruciating. At this point, the problem is usually extremely advanced and requires extensive treatment. Furthermore, there are usually many other dental problems in varying stages of progression. Many oral conditions eventually cause a malfunction in other vital systems risking general health and well-being.

If I Have Dental Anxiety in Oceanside, What Should I Do To Guard My Oral Health?

You should schedule an appointment with Oceanside Dental Excellence. There are several specific fears associated with dental anxiety in Oceanside. Fear of pain, fear of the unknown, fear of loss of control, and extreme embarrassment because of poor dental health are the most prevalent concerns. During your consultation, we will address each of your individual fears and discuss them. We have helped many patients manage their anxiety during dental exams and treatment. We take things slowly and explain exactly what is going to happen before each procedure. We never give stern lectures on proper oral care – though we do give friendly instruction if requested. With each subsequent visit, the patient is comforted by increased familiarity, greater confidence, and a strengthened relationship with our excellent team.

What If I Need More Help to Get Through Treatment?

In the Oceanside dental community, we use sedation dentistry and oral conscious sedation to help our patients reach a certain level of comfort during their appointments. To learn more about overcoming dental anxiety in Oceanside, sedation dentistry, or any other dental topic, call Oceanside Dental Excellence at 760-439-3400. Our practice conveniently offers cosmetic and general dentistry services as well.

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