Love Your Smile

Love Your Smile in Oceanside This is a great time for Vista, Oceanside, and Fallbrook men, women and teens to get a teeth cleaning and teeth whitening at Oceanside Dental Excellence. With a cleaning followed by teeth whitening, your teeth will feel as good as they look.There is nothing like bright white teeth that light up a person’s whole face when they smile and laugh. No one has to settle for dull, yellow teeth.

If you want white teeth fast, in-office teeth whitening is probably your number one option. The reasons why in-office teeth whitening at Oceanside Dental Excellence is so great include:

  1. Our dentists will protect your gums and lips from the powerful bleach.
  2. We will take your sensitivity levels into consideration and use protective agents to prevent tooth pain.
  3. Using state-of-the-art technology, we will ensure total comfort during the procedure and beautiful white teeth after.
  4. We apply a quick fluoride treatment after teeth whitening to strengthen the teeth and reduce sensitivity.
  5. You will leave our office with a smile that is up to six to ten shades whiter after one short appointment!

Teeth whitening following twice-yearly cleanings is usually the most affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure. It can be comparable to the cost of a professional hair weaving and cut, but when you consider the transformation – there is no comparison. Flash your gorgeous, sparkling smile, and no one will even notice your hair!

It doesn’t take too much effort or money to make your whitened smile last. At Oceanside Dental Excellence, you will find first rate dental care and our committed team of dental professionals. Our menu of services includes: Invisalign, implants & implant supported dentures, and porcelain veneers. Call us today for an appointment.


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